lol first I’m really sorry they it’s not a read more post,but I wanted to post the video aboe because holy hell Luke came so close to us and then he was above us and he looked at me and it was like he was staring into my soul and it was so fucking amazing that I just wanted to scream I WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU (pun intended)

anyway dztfubhinouzt we were in the front row (like a boss omg I have like a 99% rate of being the front rowas lol cause I’m awesome like that. plus I waited 2 hours before they opened the gate ha!)

the open act were Toronto Drug Bust and they’re from Slovenia but like I didn’t know any of their songs, but they were good (and so hot lol seriously and the frontman kept teasing with his shirt the bastard)

and then OH MY GOD The Kooks came on stage and the venue went mad (I mean it, like all the band members looked at each other am smiled and just looked in awe) and Luke kept smiling bless! and Hugh was wearing this pink suit hahahahah and it was like 40 degrees inside and they were sweating like pigs no joke (I probably looked like a melting icecream tbh)

lol this is getting longer as expected but oh well…… so Luke, damn he’s way hotter in person and when he looks at you it’s like you went to heaven and saw an angel (still crying) and uhm what else, they were amazing, so gooooooooo live and Luke did this small acoustic set (just him and his guitar) and the place went meant and he was smiling like ‘omg guys why are you nice and I don’t deserve this’ BLESS and lol when he said Ljubljana SIGH cried some more….

and uhm I won’t upload the pics of the concert today (maybe tomorrow on my personal), but after the concert we went to the back exit and met all of them and I took a pic with Luke and Hugh (lol my sister cut Hugh’s forehead out SIGH) and we got all the autographs and they all looked in shock like they couldn’t believe so many of us showed up in the back haha and when meeting Luke, he said like “thank you all for coming, thank you it was amazing” you’d have to hear his accent and voice I DIED

and they kept coming in and out from their tour bus and whe nHugh came out for the second time we asked him about Luke and he said he’s in his PJs in his bed lol and we didn’t believe him…. and 5 minutes later Luke comes out in his PJs BLESS (he’s so beautiful)

and uhm I look weird in the pic lol ignore me please

(Luke came off the bus, that’s why he looks so tired and all haha)

and omg another surreal thing - as if two girls recognised me from tumblr hahahah that was so weird, they were like”are you manca” and I’m like “yeah…..” and then them “we know you from tumblr” I think the look on my face was pricelss haha xD 

here, have another pic of Luke, I’ve had such a great time ztvubino wanna do it again!

(I just need to add that when I took my photo with Luke, my friend forgot the flash  but I was the happiest girl cause I was holding his hip and he smellesd so good and SIGH his voice and SIGH his hip and just SIGH at everything okay)

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    a bit long, but bear with it, because tonight we met the kooks and it was fucking perfect!!! they’re just super talented...
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